Exchange programmes


Fontys International Campus Venlo offers students from its partner universities a range of possibilities to study a semester in Venlo. We are pleased to invite exchange students from our partner universities to temporarily join our learning community.

To find more extensive information about studying in Venlo you can download our Student Guide (PDF, 8mb)

Economics, management, marketing, language & culture

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Customized Management Minor

In this customized exchange package you will experience more than just a semester abroad. You will have a solid foundation of strategic management in a global context. Next to this you can customize your semester by selecting three interesting management courses. 

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Customized Marketing Minor

Become a marketing professional. The module International Marketing gives you a solid foundation of strategic marketing in a global context. Next to this, you can customize your semester by selecting three interesting marketing courses.

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Minor International Business Management (business background)

The minor International Business Management prepares students for a world-class business career. We will invite our students to virtually enter multinational companies, and confront them with real life decisions CEO’s and marketing managers face in daily life.

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Minor International Business Management (non-business background)

This exchange programme gives students with limited management and marketing knowledge the opportunity to dive in the exciting and challenging international business world. You will discover international enterprises and learn how to behave as the manager of a company.

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Minor International Business Management - Business Economics

The minor International Business Management prepares students for a world-class business career. We will invite our students to virtually enter multinational companies, and confront them with real life decisions CEO’s and financial experts face in daily life. This minor has a special focus on Business Economics.

European culture

English Language, European Culture and Marketing

Combine language, culture and marketing in this thrilling exchange programme. Boost your written and spoken English skills. At the same time you will be introduced to marketing concepts and European culture.

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International Business Economics (Finance & Control)

During International Business Economics you will learn how to deal with all kinds of money-related questions within companies. How can we raise our profits? How can we finance the new machinery we intent to buy? How do I keep track of all the money flows which enter and exit the company.

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International Business and Management Studies

In times of increasing global competition many companies operate globally. But how do you decide on which markets to operate? How do you finance such undertakings? How do you hire the right internationally qualified employees? You will learn to answer these questions during International Business and Management Studies.

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International Fresh Business Management

To find fresh products in today’s supermarkets is regarded as absolutely normal. How are these products produced, packed, traded, transported and sold? Who ‘develops’ new food concepts? Answering these questions and many more, is what you learn about in the minor International Fresh Business Management.

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International Marketing

Designing an exciting marketing campaign for the new iPhone, organising a press conference for Greenpeace or conducting market research on which emotions are associated with eating ice cream. All these are examples of something a marketing professional does. As a marketer you know exactly what triggers consumers.

Technology, IT and logistics

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Minor Production and Distribution Logistics (second year)

Logistics plays an increasingly important role in the industrial sector. Virtually every producer or shipper has to deal with logistics challenges. A good logistics organization may save total costs but may also impact overall customer satisfaction. This is the reason why there is an ever-increasing demand for logistic-trained students.

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Introduction Informatics

This exchange programme will teach you all the basics about Informatics. Students will gain wide knowledge and competences in the Information Technology domain, providing a perfect starting point for further steps in the world of software analysis and development. Aspects of both software engineering and Busiess Informatics are covered.

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Minor Smart Innovation

The minor Minor Smart Innovation gives students an opportunity to experience innovative research. The purpose of the minor is to gain a multidisciplinary view of innovation and how it is applied to research as well as thourough understanding and knowledge about how to carry out research.

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Minor Warehousing and Production - An approach to information systems (second year)

Logistics designers often work in a project environment. Besides content knowledge which is important for a logistics engineer, attention is also paid to project work, communication, resistance and change in project environments. The minor gives students an in depth perspective on logistics engineering.

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Minor Logistics Event Management

The Minor Logistic Events Management gives the logistics students the chance to gain insight into the topic, which is taught during the general logistics study. Students will experience an enlargement of their perception which will also add value to their major studies. They will also have the chance to apply their developed strengths during a life event.

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Minor Integrated Product Development

The minor Integrated Product Development gives the students an opportunity to experience complex product development in multidisciplinary teams. Collaboration with (foreign) students and communication with group members play an important role. Students as a group deliver the best possible solutions during product development cycle. The purpose of the minor is to

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Minor Integral Logistics – An in-company perspective (second year)

As a logistic manager, you lead a team or department, and have an organizational responsibility for the planning and execution of logistic processes. The minor gives you an in depth perspective on the economical side of logistics. Common thread in this minor is the integrative logistic function. We will look at the interdependency and the integration of these processes.

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Minor Customs Management in International Business

The Western European countries with large ports, such as Rotterdam, Hamburg, Bremen and Antwerp, have become the most attractive locations for importing and exporting to the EU, including customs procedures as customs clearance and inspection. To remain a Gateway to Europe, it is very important that this part of international trade is facilitated so that the regulatory burden and the (logistics) time lost in the supply chain are as short as possible.

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Minor E-preneurship, E-commerce & E-fulfilment

With the heavy growth in e-commerce and the ICT maturity required, most new supply chain developments originate in the e-commerce sector. Robotics, 3D printing, same-day delivery, drones and pick-up points are just a few. The minor provides the knowledge needed to develop distinctive strategies for online sales, and stimulates the entrepreneurial spirit needed for successful business.