International Marketing

International Marketing

4 years     September     Bachelor of Business Administration     +31 8850 76022

After your studies

Nowadays businesses cannot survive without strong marketing. Through clever and creative marketing campaigns companies communicate with their target groups. As a versatile marketer you can work in virtually any company. The area of marketing is very broad, which reflects in the different functions marketers occupy. Art director, social media manager, sales manager or market researcher, these are all examples of jobs in the marketing domain. One thing is certain; as an International Marketing graduate you have a solid base to work as a marketer in any company. You can analyse target groups and learned how to develop marketing and communication concepts. You are a professional in writing marketing plans and in analysing companies. With the two internships you have completed, your experience in your own Mini Company and your knowledge of international enterprises you are a valued asset for companies all over the world.

Of course you can set up your own company as well and work as a business entrepeneur on a start-up as a General Manager.

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