Alumni Erfahrungsberichte

Armend Cerkini, Buyer Ware Ultrafrische bei Rewe

“In total I am very satisfied with my decision to choose the combination of both schools, Fontys Venlo and Plymouth University, because I was able to learn a lot, have fun and meet new people from all over the world. With regard to the courses using the simulation software Simul8 has been one of the highlights. Every class was interesting and challenging. For me personally it was very interesting to have an exchange of opinions and ideas with the lecturers on Procurement related topics. Right after my studies, I started as a Trainee in Category Management for one of Germanys biggest Retailers.”

Tim Stammen, Senior Supply Chain Project Leader bei ASML

“When I decided to undertake a Masters degree, I was looking for two things. Most importantly, I wanted to gain international experience through working with students of different nationalities and to live abroad. I also wanted the opportunity to expand my knowledge in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. In completing this Master my requirements were definitely fulfilled. I developed further knowledge in the field of SCM and Logistics and expanded my social network establishing numerous international contacts and friends. Studying in Venlo as well as in Plymouth was a valuable experience. It enabled me to experience living and working alongside differing nationalities within a different country. My goal for the future was to work in logistics or supply chain for a multinational. Soon after I graduated I was offered a position within a large multinational, working on various projects within the logistics field for their customers.”

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