Business Informatics

Business Informatics

4 years     September     Bachelor of Science     +31 8850 75477

Programme in brief

We’re living in a ‘connected world’. People are connected by social media and devices are connected to each other (The Internet of Things). Our lives become more dependent on computers. We’re not aware anymore of how many devices we are using. Think about apps on mobile devices, web applications, (serious) games and cars; all examples of products based on software. Smart people are needed to develop those systems. People with technical skills who are aware of the scope and potential of these applications.

What can you expect from us

Business Informatics professionals bridge the gap between users and developers of computer systems. You are the person between the business and IT. A thorough technical base knowledge is absolutely necessary. Furthermore, you’ll learn about important business processes, and how those can be supported through the use of information technology. You’ll learn how to work in an analytical way, enabling you to embed ICT in many different environments.

What do we expect from you

Business Informatics students have excellent skills in bringing people from different domains together, they enjoy organising and managing projects and processes. They are interested in the management of teams and organisations. Communication is one of their natural skills.

Being enthusiastic about the possibilities of information technology and you love to work together. Of course you are technology minded but at the same time user focused.