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The best way to experience the “real” campus life is living on-site around the campus. Venlo offers an extensive range of student housing which is adapted to the wants and needs of students. In the last years, housing opportunities for students were constantly extended in order to create new and affordable living space. This resulted, for instance, in two new student dormitories located at walking distance from Fontys International Campus Venlo.

Students can choose from different housing possibilities in order to find accommodation in Venlo:

1.) Accommodation organized through Fontys

Fontys works together with two rental agencies as well as a number of private landlords for accommodating Fontys students. Students, who apply for accommodation through Fontys, will either be allocated into one of the student dormitories or into a room by a private landlord. 
Each student room fulfils the following requirements:
  • Furnished; bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, curtains (bed sheets and towels not included)
  • Within a max. 20 min. bicycle ride to the Fontys Venlo campus
  • The room has at least 10 m²
  • Shared kitchen, bathroom and laundry room
  • Internet, energy and water (included in rental fee)

The rental costs of accommodation through Fontys are €330 – €425 a month.

How to apply

  1. Fill in the accommodation form digitally. Print it, sign it and submit it to (note the application deadline marked on the accomodation form).
  2. Complete the enrolment requirements before the accommodation application deadline stated on the accommodation form. 
Please find the accommodation form (organized by Fontys) here:

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Please take also the general information about accommodation into account:

Signing and handing in the accommodation form constitutes a binding agreement to accept the room that is allocated to you. Once the rooms have been allocated, it is no longer possible to withdraw your application for a room and you will be legally obligated to pay the rental fees for the full rental period stated on the form.

2.) Accommodation organized through external parties

Venlo offers a wide variety of further apartments that can be rented by students. These can be found at or by contacting them. Please note that additional costs may be charged by commercial accommodation agencies. In those cases, Fontys does not act as a broker.

If you have any questions about the financial or administrative consequences of moving to the Netherlands, or about living in Venlo in general, please do not hesitate to contact the Fontys Campus Venlo Student Service Center ( 

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