International Fresh Business Management

International Fresh Business Management

4 years     September     Bachelor of Business Administration     +31 8850 76022

Programme in brief

So let’s think of the meal that you like to eat most. Have you ever thought about how this meal got on your plate? To find fresh products in today’s supermarkets is regarded as absolutely normal. But how do they find their way to your shopping basket? How are these products produced, packed, traded, transported and sold? Who ‘develops’ new food concepts? And, very important, how is it guaranteed that everything is in good condition, healthy and ‘value for money’? Answering these questions and many more, is what you learn about in our study programme International Fresh Business Management.

What can you expect from us

Within our study programme you’ll be taught in small classes, where the lecturer will know you. Besides regular classes you will do different researches, presentations and work on projects. Many of these tasks will be in direct relation to companies in the fresh produce (e.g. food and flower products) sector. In this way you’ll get a real taste of this area. The study programme is actually set up in such a way, that by visiting different companies you get to experience how products are produced and how they answer your need as a customer, because in the end that is what it is all about: the person who is consuming the product!

What do we expect from you

Are you curious about how food gets on your plate, or why tomatoes from the Netherlands are for example sold in Bulgaria? Then we are looking for you! We are looking for enthusiastic and curious students which have an affinity with both the fresh produce and the logistics sector. Moreover, you need to be open minded and like to meet other students. We expect you to take responsibility and to be a positive example to others. Of course you need to have a sufficient level of English too when wanting to start in our study programme, as you will work together with students from different nationalities.