STUDIO.Y recently opened their doors in Venlo

From the moment that STUDIO.Y in Venlo opened its doors, 12 Young Professionals are working on innovation cases of local businesses. While working in multidisciplinary teams, they develop new (entrepreneurship) skills and at the same time learn from each other. In the first weeks, the teams gained knowledge about a structured approach to innovation, networking and each other’s disciplines.


STUDIO.Y facilitates this by combining challenging innovation cases, a variety of workshops, inspiration sessions and a gamified innovation method. In addition, they offer the Young Professionals access to their network by bringing them into contact with (local) entrepreneurs.

The companies that file a case at STUDIO.Y are actively involved during the entire process. Co-creation is an important part of the learning process, for Young Professionals as well as these companies. Young Professionals get the opportunity to put their talents into the spotlight and create opportunities for their future careers.

Besides the fact that companies generate new insights, they experience the power of enthusiastic and motivated young people. In this way, STUDIO.Y shows companies how valuable the young people are for their (future) business. Because Young Professionals have a different worldview, STUDIO.Y believes they can make a significant difference!

Because of the great interest from the industry, STUDIO.Y is able to structurally offer these Young Professionals the opportunity to work on challenging cases and enrich their knowledge. STUDIO.Y is open for various ages (18 up to 32), English speaking people and different disciplines.

STUDIO.Y has several options for companies that engage in cooperation with them. Among other things you can contact them for trend research, audience research, the validation of an idea or further elaboration of an existing idea. When you don’t have any ideas yet, but you’re looking for new insights, STUDIO.Y is also the perfect partner for you company!

Do you have interesting cases which you would like to have Young Professionals work on, or are you a Young Professional wanting to work on any of these cases? Then take a look at, send an email to or give us a call at +31638209112 (Martine Frentz).